Munich Displaced

Exhibition view "Munich Displaced. The Surviving Remnant" Photo: Eva Jünger / Jewish Museum Munich

From here and there

Imagine you had to leave your native country all of a sudden because you were no longer welcome. Where would you go? Who would help you? Which places would you go to first and why?

Jewish “displaced persons,” who as “homeless aliens” were not able or did not want to return to their native countries after World War II, were faced with similar questions and decisions. For this group of people who shared the same fate, Munich became a brief transit point and a place to stay while they prepared themselves for life after the Shoah with the help of international aid organisations and local support.

We are providing dialogue-based tours of the exhibition “Munich Displaced. The Surviving Remnant” for school classes from Grade 9 upwards, during which the group learns about the special circumstances in which Jewish DPs found themselves in post-war Munich, and together with a guide, looks at their wishes, needs and goals.

The offer is availabe in German and English through March 17, 2024.


Tour recommended from Grade 9 (for all schools), FOS/ BOS, vocational schools, students, and other educational institutions.


60 or 90 mins

For up to 5 participants: €30 / €50
For up to 25 participants: €60 / €90
plus admission fee: €6 / €3 concessions, children and youths up to 18 years of age free

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