From Antiquity to the Present Day

Fragment of an oil lamp, GDKE, Rheinisches Landesmuseum Trier. Photo Thomas Zühmer

A digital look at 1,700 years of Jewish life in Germany

After World War II Mordechai W. Bernstein traveled back and forth across Germany. He went in search of evidence of Jewish life still to be found in a number of different places and recorded his findings. Several objects Bernstein discovered can now be seen in the exhibition “In the Labyrinth of the Times.” With their help, important aspects can be re-traced from 1,700 years of German-Jewish history which is being commemorated this year throughout Germany. The “signs” Bernstein found are testimony to the origins of a communal life, of religion and culture, of known and unknown places, of coexistence and persecution.

In addition to a look at the objects, experts and descendants of former owners guide us through almost 2,000 years of Jewish history.

Contents/key areas: history, social studies, religion/ethics, cultural history, general overview, #1700JLID

Languages: German, English

Plattform: Zoom

Digital tour recommended for adults, families, and youths aged 14+


60 mins

For up to 5 participants / for educational institutions: €30
For up to 25 participants: €60
no admission fee

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